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Both you and your selling agent will receive a detailed report.



Who pays for a home inspection?

In most cases, a home inspection is ordered and paid for by the homebuyer, although more and more sellers are retaining the services of professional home inspectors before the property goes on the market.

What elements of the home are covered by a home inspection?

A home inspector evaluates the major elements of the home, such as the roof structure, exterior siding, interior electrical and plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning. If you require additional services, such as pool screening, radon testing, or termite inspection, your inspector can provide you with a list of suppliers. A thorough home inspection usually takes two to three hours, depending on the home’s size and age.

Can a prospective buyer/seller attend the inspection?

Buyers and sellers are always welcome during a home inspection. Just let your inspector know ahead of time and it will be scheduled to allow you to take part with a walk-through and questions after analysis is complete, providing a mutually convenient time is available.

How long does it take?

Once the inspection is completed, a detailed report is finished on site and given to the client and selling agent, if present. An in-depth maintenance record is provided at no additional charge for future reference.

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